Spencer Hansen’s Art is Inhabited By Mysterious Creatures

Bali, Indonesia-based interdisciplinary artist Spencer Hansen creates sculptures of mysterious creatures that are unlike anything you have seen so far. But despite their mysteriousness and unexpected looks, they project an aura of friendliness, making you want to get to know them better.

Sometimes, these creatures have an “alien” feel to them, looking like they have traveled from another corner of the universe to visit Earth. Other times, they seem like ancient spirits who have woken up and are now roaming nature.

Hansen grew up in rural Idaho before moving to Bali, where he set up his workshop. There, he works with local artists to refine his techniques and explore new approaches to various mediums, ranging from woodcarving to metalworking.

In a recent chat with NASH AND BANKS, Hansen said that the inspiration for his art comes out of “curiosity, beginner’s mind, my childhood in rural Idaho, traveling and constantly learning and adapting”.

“But I wonder if inspiration is coming from me or through me? I mostly don’t feel a sense of ownership over what is coming through, only an appreciation for when creativity does flow,” Hansen added.

The central aspect of Hansen’s art is his commitment to a handmade approach and use of natural materials like wood, metal, bones, and plant fibers. Most of the materials that shape his sculptures are recycled or salvaged. 

Check out more of Hansen’s creations below.