This Company Creates Unique Jewelry Inspired By Movie Scenes

Gema Arnal Jericó is the founder of a small business called Laliblue which creates jewelry with a vintage touch, using topics related to fantasy, classic tales, retro cinema, nature and the world of magic.

“It lies within our sewing box full of color and fantasy,” the jeweler shared on her Etsy store. “There you can find a wide range of accessories: jewelry, hair accessories, decor and more. “We love all the process: imagining, doing research and then creating. All the working process is made by us, without no intermediaries.”

In their work, the Spain-based company uses materials such as cast metal, wood, acrylic, and resin. According to Jericó the jewelry that is born in their atelier is dedicated to women who still feel as little girls inside. In one of their projects, Laliblue created a jewelry line with scenes from movies inside.

If you are interested to see more of their work, check out their Instagram, Facebook pages or have a look at their Etsy store.