Woman Has Been Feeding the Same Family of Foxes for the Past 25 Years

A UK woman named Sharon Hughes recently went viral for her unusual friendship with a group of wild foxes. As it turns out, Hughes has been feeding the same fox family for the past 25 years.

Hughes often shares her encounters with foxes on social media, and the internet can’t get enough of these videos. Most of the time, the foxes gather in front of Hughes’ porch and wait until she gives them something to eat.

The first TikTok, which Hughes shared back in February, received almost 18 million views. The clip shows foxes patiently waiting for each of them to receive a sausage roll and then running away to eat it in peace.

“We are now on the fourth generation of foxes. I remember feeding their great-grandparents,” Hughes shared with British media outlet Mirror.

Hughes also watches for the medical needs of the foxes. If she notices one of them is not feeling well or is hurt, she will contact a veterinarian or slip some medicine into their food. 

On the other hand, foxes show appreciation for Hughes’ generosity by bringing her gifts.

“The foxes are very friendly and often bring us gifts like mice, which they leave on the doorstep,” Hughes added.


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