Group Of Artists Created 3D Printer Models of All 151 First Generation Pokémon

3Demon is a business made of a small team that creates 3D prints and make virtual 3D models that people can download or buy to print at home. In one of their projects, the Prague-based artists have made a set of all 151 Pokémon characters from the first series in a low poly style.

“The design process takes quite a long time, as each Pokémon has to be tested for how well it prints and then changes have to be made, but I think it’s well worth the effort to make them the best version they can be,” they shared on Bored Panda.

They share their creations on their Instagram page called 3demon3dprint where they have attracted more than 18 thousand followers. You can take a look at their personal website and Etsy store where they sell all of their 3D prints.

Scroll down and check out their creations below. Which Pokémon character is your favorite? Don’t forget to follow the arrows for more amazing images!