Bolt and Keel Are the Most Adventurous Traveling Cats

Backpacking with cats may sound like a mission impossible, but that’s not stopping two women from Canada from giving it a shot. They enjoy embarking on all sorts of amazing adventures and bringing their cats, Bolt and Keel, with them.

The women in question are passionate hikers Kayleen VanderRee and Danielle Gumbley, who found the two kitties abandoned in a park. The animal shelter was closed at the time, and they were scheduled to go on a hike the very next day, so they decided to bring the cats along.

This was the beginning of one big adventure for these two adventure buddies and their new feline companions, who seemed to enjoy their first hike. After seeing how well they handled it, VanderRee and Gumbley decided to bring them along with them again – and again and again!

The two friends kept on hitting the mountain treks with Bolt and Keel by their side and sharing the breathtaking photos from their hikes with fellow cat lovers around the world. It’s truly amazing to see this duo of house cats enjoying nature to the fullest, and leading a life filled with adventure and joy.