Einstein the Havanese Pup is Cute as a Button

When it comes to Instagram dogs, there’s no such thing as too many. Case in point: Einstein the Havanese rescue pup. Though small in size, his name attests to his great importance, at least when it comes to Instagram dogs. With almost 20k followers, you don’t have to take our word for that.

With chases, face kisses, and tail waggings, all being his favorite pastimes, Einstein is also described by his owner as a kindred spirit. “One of my favorites is when a close friend brought her newborn to meet us,” he shared a sweet memory of Einstein in an interview with Hello Bark! “I wasn’t sure how Einstein would do with the baby, but he was incredibly sweet and gentle with her. It was wonderful to see how caring he was with this tiny baby, and over the years their bond has gotten stronger and stronger.”

“If Einstein could only do one thing for the rest of his life, it would be sitting in my lap kissing my face,” he added, fondly. “He is loyal almost to a fault, and attached to my heels wherever we go.”

Being a rescue dog is also an important part of Einstein’s identity. “I was ready for a small dog, and was visiting shelters almost every day to find one that was a good fit,” he recalled. “One morning, I walked into a shelter and Einstein had been rescued the night before – there he was, staring up at me. I saw that he was a Havanese and I instantly knew he was my dog.”

Another reminder to you to adopt not shop!