Hilarious Comics About What Superheroes Do When They’re Off Duty

Karlo Ferdon is a talented graphic designer from Chile whose artistic journey started in his earliest years. As a kid, he was copying cartoons and comics. Later, he began creating his comics, which finally led him to his future job: becoming an artist.

His comics are funny and minimalistic, drawn without any dialogue. It all began several years ago when he received an invitation to participate in alternative Batman comics.

Being his favorite superhero who “takes everything very seriously”, Karlo decided to make parodies. Liking the silliness, he decided he would draw parodies of the classic superheroes, including Superman, Spiderman, and the Hulk.

“Humor without words is not always understood, but when you connect with the reader, it is great. That complicity with the reader is fantastic and rewarding… All that motivates me to keep drawing even though art is a difficult road,” he said to Bored Panda.

He currently has more than 17,000 Instagram followers, where he regularly shares his funny posts. If you are somebody who is into old-school superheroes, following him is a must.

In the gallery below, we picked out or top five drawings. Which are your favorites? Tell us in the comment below.