Miniatures Artist Recreates Sets From Popular TV Shows

Miniatures artist Bridget McCarty describes her work as “shrinking real life into miniature.” And just one glance at her creations is enough to confirm this statement.

McCarty has impressive attention to detail that allows her to recreate all-things real-life into miniature pieces. This is best seen in her recent series of works that saw her rebuild sets from popular TV shows like Friends, Seinfeld, the Big Bang Theory, and more.

For example, in recreating Monica’s apartment from the iconic sitcom Friends, McCarty left no room for error. She not only fully furnished her kitchen with utensils, cookware, and food, but she also went one step further and made matching artworks and picture frames. Even the peephole on the apartment door has a characteristic yellow ring to make the recreation 100 percent accurate.

The artist reveals that she developed a fascination with miniatures thanks to her grandmother, who loved to collect figurines. While in high school, McCarty started making her own miniature pieces and occasionally sold them at conventions. The demand was surprisingly high, and when she turned 22, she decided to make it her full job.

“Creating miniatures can really take you away to another world,” McCarty explains. “My ideas can be found everywhere—from my favorite TV shows to theme parks.”

Check out more of her works below.