Dad and Daughter Recreate Iconic Scenes from Movies

When the COVID-19 lockdowns made them stay at home, people had to turn to various things to fill the time. Some decided to catch up on the books they meant to read for ages, while others opted to learn new skills like cooking or guitar playing.

Others, like Alex Zane and his daughter Matilda, started exciting projects that became huge on social media.

Zane and Matilda is the duo behind the viral Instagram page Tot for Tot Remakes, which features recreations of iconic scenes from movies. Zane is responsible for the behind-the-scenes work and logistics, while five-year-old Matilda is the star of the show. Together, they produce charming shots beloved by tens of thousands of people from around the globe.

In a recent interview with Movie Metropolis, Zane revealed that this intriguing project came together accidentally. Matilda was trying to surf a small plastic car one day and he was immediately reminded of the scene from the 1985 movie Teen Wolf. Zane snapped a photo shared it on social media alongside the original, and the rest is history.

Since then, the two recreated more than 100 different scenes from classics like The Shining, Die Hard, Shawshank Redemption, and The Matrix. They intend to do much more as the project is fun for both and is helping them create a stronger bond. Check out more of their recreations below.