This is How Disney Princesses Spent Their Quarantine

There were also plenty of bad moments, as the time spent indoors sometimes came with boredom, anxiety, and the inability to see friends and enjoy everyday activities that we got accustomed to.

The majority of us had to spend some time in quarantine in the past year or so. The experience was different for everyone and had both its good and bad moments.

Besides staying healthy, the good moments also included the ability to be more with our families, focus more on hobbies, learn new skills, and catch up on books, movies, and TV series that we didn’t have time to finish before.

Everyone had their own way of coping with quarantine but did you ever wonder what would happen if fantasy characters were stuck in the same situation? Well, the illustrations from Italian cartoonists Lorenza Di Sepio and Marco Barretta, better known as Simple&Madama, explore that scenario.

The duo decided to create a series of adorable artworks that show how Disney princesses spent their time in quarantine. For example, Elsa and Anna from Frozen played video games while Star Wars‘ Princess Leia was occupied with working on her Millennium Falcon LEGO set.

You can check out these and more Disney princesses in quarantine below.


Princess Leia

Elsa and Anna