Immersive Exhibition Dedicated to Wes Anderson’s “Asteroid City” Opens in London

Wes Anderson’s new movie Asteroid City hit the theaters in June and is already a big hit with the audience and the critics. If you also like the movie, now you can experience it yourself thanks to an immersive exhibition that recently opened in London.

Asteroid City is set in a fictional desert town that was built from scratch in Spain. After filming wrapped up, the original sets, props, costumes, and artwork were taken to London’s 180 Studios for a one-of-a-kind exhibition that is a must-visit for every fan of Anderson’s work.

Besides the sets and accompanying content, like audio and visual clips from the movie, the visitors will be able to have food and drinks at the movie’s Luncheonette diner, which was built on-site. There is also a shop offering all sorts of Asteroid City merch, including T-shirts, original screenplay copy, pin badges, and vinyl with the movie’s soundtrack.

The exhibition has seen an outstanding response, with tickets selling out fast. It won’t stay in London for a long time, ending on July 8, so if you have the opportunity, make sure to use it. There is still no word whether the exhibition will visit the US or other European cities.