Dog Sits on the Beach Every Day Waiting for His Fisherman Owner to Return

Image via O19792/Twitter

The loyalty of dogs knows no boundaries, and they stick with their humans no matter what. Even if they get separated for one reason or another, doggos never lose hope for a reunion. Just take a look at Vaguito, an adorable canine from Punta Negra, Peru, who sits at the beach every day waiting for his fisherman owner to return.

Vaguito’s story became viral thanks to Twitter user Jolie Mejia, who recently spent time in Punta Negra with her family. According to Mejia, they were taking a walk along the shore when they met Vaguito. The dog seemed well-taken care of, but his owner was nowhere to be found. So she proceeded to pet him and found him very friendly, although she noticed the dog was frequently looking to the ocean.

Mejia set on a quest to find more about the dog and quickly found a local who told her a heartbreaking story. As it turns out, Vaguito’s owner was a fisherman who died a while ago. But despite this, the dog has been coming to the beach every day and watching at the ocean, hoping his human will return someday.

After Mejia’s tweet went viral, several other Twitter users said they knew about the dog and shared more of his photos.

According to Mejia, while Vaguito’s owner is not around anymore, the dog still receives a lot of love. Locals feed him and keep him clean while a woman living nearby shelters him and makes sure he receives health care when needed.