Victoria Velozo’s Paintings Remind of the Fragility of the Natural World

Victoria Velozo’s paintings are a combination of styles and techniques. A hybrid between realism and abstraction, they’re created using oil, watercolor, and acrylic (sometimes mixed together in the same painting). These sometimes jarring juxtapositions create tension within Velozo’s work that call for attention.

“My own personal style involves continuously creating tension in the artwork,” she stressed in a piece she wrote for Artsy Shark. “I achieve this through the combined use of premeditated realism and abstract improvisation. Realism is used as a measure of my ability and the abstract work displays my artistic expression.”

When it comes to her subjects, those tend to center around the natural world. In her most recent series, Velozo focuses on the birdlife inhabiting grasslands. Birds such as eagles, parrots, and crows are painted upon abstract backgrounds that hint at their environmental landscape.

According to Velozo, grasslands are among our most vulnerable and endangered habitats due to urbanization. She hopes, therefore, that her work might stimulate care and concern for our natural habitats. “I want to create a subconscious connection to the environment,” she writes. “I believe viewing a painting of nature evokes an intuitive reminder of the fragility and sacredness of the natural world.”

We certainly hope so.