Loewe Turns Viral Tomato into a Clutch Bag

    The power of social media is truly impressive. Just recently, it prompted fashion brand Loewe to turn a viral tomato into a wearable clutch bag.

    It all started when X (former Twitter) user Gianna Rosina shared a photo of a large heirloom tomato. It was a really unusual-looking tomato covered in ridges and grooves.

    The tomato quickly captured the attention of social media users, with one X user saying that it reminded her of something Loewe made.

    “This tomato is so Loewe I can’t explain it,” @homocowboi wrote.

    @homocowboi’s comment ended up becoming so popular that it reached Loewe’s Creative Director Jonathan Anderson.

    It turned out that Anderson wasn’t just entertained with the viral tomato and the comment; it also gave him inspiration. Just a couple of days later, Anderson shared a video of a clutch bag that was modeled after the tomato.

    “Loewe meme to reality,” Anderson wrote in the caption of the video.

    For the time being, it is unclear if this is just a one-off creation or if Loewe actually plans to make it widely available. If they decide to take the latter route, there is no doubt that there will be a lot of folks out there wanting to get their hands on it, including us.