Take a Virtual Vacation Inside Mateja Kovač’s Illustrations

While traveling around the world isn’t encouraged these challenging days, traveling via your phone is still possible. One place you’d want to land on is Mateja Kovač’s Instagram page, featuring a rich variety of illustrations. Amongst her illustrations, you’ll also find colorful depictions of different places around the world. There’s the Eiffel Tower, adorned with flowers, as well as whole series dedicated to Zadar – the oldest continuously-inhabited Croatian city.

More than the subjects themselves, it’s the overall ambiance that really makes Kovač’s work stand out. Colored in light pastel colors, and featuring flowers in full bloom, her illustrations provide the perfect backdrop for our imagined vacation.

“I believe that the ambiance in my work is much more important than the content,” Kovač shared with Viva’s. “I could even say that my choice of motives and color is made considering the ambiance I’m trying to achieve in my illustration,” she went on to explain.

As such, her work is very much the result of intuition, often evoking an emotional response from the viewer. “The projects I work on are varied and they all demand a different emotion,” says Kovač. “You could say that I tend to surround myself with sources of inspiration that awakens a necessary emotion in me, depending on the project I’m working on.”

Peek inside her illustrated worlds: