Martin Scorsese Just Directed His Daughter Francesca’s TikTok Video, and the Internet Loves It

Martin Scorsese at the
Martin Scorsese at the "The Irishman" premiere in 2019. Photo by Maria Laura Antonelli/AGF/Shutterstock (10452309aq)

When he’s not out there making Academy Award-nominated movies, legendary director Martin Scorsese is directing TikToks.

Scorsese’s daughter, Francesca, is a content creator who frequently posts on TikTok. She recently shared a video in which she did a tour of the family’s house and showcased some of the film memorabilia inside.

“We’re movie lovers. Of course, we have film posters all over our house,” Francesca says to start the video but soon gets interrupted by her father.

Apparently, Scorsese thought the opening sequence of the video could be better, so he decided to step in.

“Do that again! It has to be more… You’re proud of these movie posters!” Scorsese can be heard saying.

Later in the clip, Scorsese decides to show Francesca how it’s done by presenting a vintage camera. The father and daughter duo then take turns showing more of the movie stuff they own, like a DVD player, director’s chair, and props from movies that Scorsese directed.

“We’re movie lovers. Of course it’s like impossible to choose a favorite filmmaker,” Francesca says at the end of the video before a camera zooms out and shows her wearing a T-shirt with her dad’s face on it.

Check out this amusing, Scorsese-directed, TikTok video below.