Ed Cheverton’s Art Doesn’t Take Itself Too Seriously

Judging by his artwork, Ed Cheverton is a child at heart. Though his creations are varied and include illustrations, comics, collages, and toys, the finished products never take themselves too seriously.

“I always wanted to be an artist of some sort,” admitted Cheverton in an interview with Lecture in Progress. “I contemplated being a musician for a while; I always loved Jazz and I played trumpet in a lot of bands, but I was never that great and didn’t love it the way I did with visual art. My mum was always very creative; she does a lot of textiles work now but she used to draw beautifully, which of course had a big impact.”

“I studied illustration at Brighton, and I loved it to bits,” he added. “You can’t generalise on the impact of having a degree, but some people really benefit from the collaborative and solid structure of a university course. Others don’t need it to achieve their creative goals. It can be harder and harder to justify it now, as it’s so expensive.”

He now shares his creations with his thousands of followers on Instagram. Take a look at some of our favorite of his in the gallery below.