Skater Invents Boards and Does Mind-Blowing Tricks With Them

Skateboarding is one of those extreme sports that make you hold your breath while watching. It’s not just the riding that’s so col, but the tricks skaters make can be unbelievable. Sometimes it’s hard to believe what our own two feet are capable of! 

If you’re an extreme sports lover, you’re at the right place. This skater-boy we’re about to present you is a magician with his skateboard and also an inventor.  

Matt Tomasello is doing mind-bending tricks with his thanks to his innovative adjustments such as trap doors and reversible decks. He designed the skateboard himself, which makes everything even more fascinating.  

His amazing skills were recognized by Fancy Lad Skate Company and they captured his ride for Jenkem Magazine. They also compared him to Rodney Mullen, an amazing American old-school skater and inventor.  

Tomasello’s skate-riding is somewhere between sports and art, for his extremely captivating and athletic tricks. Sometimes you need to watch his videos in slow motion or rewind them over and over again to figure out what he did.  

Check out this talented guy in the videos below, and don’t try this yourself if you’re not a hard-core pro! 

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