Derrick Velasquez Creates Captivating Wall Sculptures Out of Vinyl Stripes

Derrick Velasquez is a Denver, Colorado-based artist who creates captivating wall sculptures that consist of colorful vinyl stripes stacked on top of each other. While the premise might sound simple, just one glance at these works and you begin to realize how much work and thought has been put into them.

Velasquez’s creations look like a perfect arrangement of colors that come together to evoke feelings of curiosity and visual satisfaction. Every layer of the same-color vinyl stripes appears just like a brushstroke of paint, with uneven ends to enhance the effect of a brush being lifted from the canvas.

His creative process starts with placing hundreds upon hundreds of vinyl stripes over a piece of wood. Under their own weight, the stripes begin to bend and take over the shape of the wood they rest upon.

According to Velasquez, “slowly building these sculptures becomes akin to layers upon layers of the experiences and connections we make inviting a perceptual encounter and a tactile experience.”

Velasquez’s vinyl sculptures have received recognition in the art community, with the artist receiving a Joan Mitchell Foundation Grant for Painters and Sculptors and a MacDowell fellowship. He also exhibited his works across the United States, including a solo show at The Museum of Contemporary Art Denver. Check out more of them below.