Aakanksha Monga Leaves Corporate Life Behind to Become a Full-Time Traveler

Aakanksha Monga enjoyed traveling for as long as she can remember, but her dream of exploring the world seemed out of reach once she started working at Linkedin. After a string of corporate jobs, she decided to step outside of her comfort zone and become a full-time travel blogger.

Monga was no stranger to hopping from place to place long before she became a travel blogger. Her father used to work in the military so she spent most of her childhood moving around, switching between ten schools and multiple cities outside and within India.

She traveled even more while at university and started writing her travel blog while working a full-time job. She took a lot of workcations during this time, everywhere from Goa to Sri Lanka and Thailand, but struggled to find the balance before she decided to quit her job at LinkedIn.

This was the best decision she could’ve made because her follower count kept growing once she had enough time on her hands to immerse herself in new cultures and experiences full-time. Monga’s videos are extremely popular with women dreaming of exploring the world on their own, and she’s hoping she’ll inspire others to step outside their comfort zone and break the invisible barriers that surround us.