After Being Abandoned, Adorable Dog Becomes Gallery’s Mascot

Image via bertiebertthepom/Instagram

New York artist Kathy Grayson was browsing PetFinder when she saw Bertram The Pomeranian. The pup was dumped by his breeders when he was 5 months old because he was “too big to sell.”

Luckily, Grayson, who owns an art gallery called The Hole, found the little pooch and immediately decided to adopt it. “There was just something about the look in his eyes,” Grayson told The Dodo. “I think that the next day in NYC we had an opening at my art gallery with hundreds of people and a dinner and after-party. From day one, Bert was ready to join the art world!”

Since then, Bert has been going to the art gallery, meeting all the people who come in to see the art and of course, him.

“Bertie has become our unofficial mascot, of course, and many people come to the gallery to see Bert,” Grayson shared. “A lot of people bring their dogs too! They know that I am always there with Bert in my office with treats, ready to play.”

Today, Bert has more than 108k followers on Instagram and clearly, he’s enjoying his colorful life.