An Artist Creates Unbelievable Art Using Only Table Salt

Dino Tomic is a Croatian artist with many talents – he is a tattoo artist and art teacher, but for the past few years, he’s been mastering the art of drawing with salt. He’s currently living in Norway and exploring all the possibilities that his rather unusual, but very interesting technique has to offer.

“Undertaking projects like these are like entering uncharted territory. Not only is it new for me, but it’s also new for the world”, Tomic wrote for “Bored Panda”.

“Creating art with salt was around for many years – but really improving on what’s possible with this medium is something I’m very interested in. Today in the world there are only a handful of people who create art using only salt and the projects they undertake is a mere fraction of the size that I do.”

Creating art with salt will probably remind most of you of Tibetan monks who create mandalas using colored sand and then destroy them once they’re finished. Tomic also destroyed some of his works for which he needed many days or even weeks to create.

Check out his works below.