Artist Comes Up With Quirky Characters in Colorful Outfits

Stephanie Ramplin is a 3D artist who enjoys creating these adorable characters in colorful outfits that will put a smile on your face. Sassy and funny, her characters often come to life in the 3D animations she creates.

“I love combining kitsch, sparkles, and a high heel with the splendor of everyday situations. There are lots of cute characters, chunky thighs, and a sarcastic sense of humor,” the artist tells Creative Boom.

When it comes to scenes she puts them in, they’re incredibly mundane but also charming. Eating pizza, watering plants, or simply hanging out in the bedroom, her characters are relatable and just wonderful.

Ramplin was born in Bristol and now lives in London. Without any formal training in design (she studied music instead), she started making illustrations when she was very young. Her career started in arts marketing and continued to develop from there.

The artist has worked with some big clients before, including names like Universal Music, London Symphony Orchestra, and the YMCS. During the lockdown, she had more free time to work on personal projects so she made a lot of illustrations and GIFs which you can see on her Instagram page.