Artist Creates Amazing Robot Costumes From Everyday Objects

Peter Kokis is a talented robots builder from New York. He is famous for bringing these characters to life by actually performing as robots.

 These suits of armor are well-detailed that you would never believe they are made of everyday objects found in your home. He recycled plastic materials, turning them into amazing robots, inspired by Transformers characters.

“I manipulate plastic from different – but typical – containers, and use ordinary household, hardware, gym, petshop & discount items:  things you’ll find in your kitchen, bathroom, closets, fridge, and junk drawer.   Stuff that’s readily available to us all. Look closely at my parts and you’ll say, ‘hey, I have that at home!” he wrote on his website.

According to Kokis, one piece from The Terminator took him about 500 hours to finish. After completion, he wears the robot costumes in public places around the Big Apple and are readily available for performances.

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There is only one Brooklyn Optimus Prime!

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