Artist Creates Paintings Led By Her Emotions

Image via Megan Burak Art/Facebook

Megan Burak is an award-winning artist with a passion for creating contemporary realistic artwork. The Pittsburgh-born, Maryland-based artist graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree and had exhibitions all over the US. She seeks inspiration from her emotions and the world as she sees it.

“Inspiration can come in many forms, but I have always let my emotions take the leading role in the stories for my paintings,” she says.  “Sadness, happiness, hopelessness, pain – these deceivingly simple feelings have had a strong impact on how I portray my ideas.  Paired with these emotions, I have been able to develop ideas from my reactions to things I’ve observed with people, trends, and events in society.”

In her latest project, Megan made a bunch of beautiful portraiture paintings she will show in Ocean City, Maryland in February this year.

Check out her work below.