Artist Creates Stunning Paper Art Using Laser-cutting Machine

Abu Dhabi-based artist Julia Ibbini is taking paper art to a whole other level.  She creates stunning artworks that feature incredibly complex designs, achieved by advanced computer algorithms and customized laser machine.

Ibbini’s works start with a single line and a circle, which are then transformed into larger patterns using various software tools. The design is then cut in numerous layers on paper with laser and glued by hand. The entire process is so demanding that it can take months to finish a single piece.  

“The visual vocabulary to which I’m most drawn is the language of pattern and ornament.” – Ibbini says about her work. “It fascinates me endlessly with each line, curve, symmetry and rhythm sharing ideas and stories. I use ornament and pattern as a way to document my experience with sources ranging from electronic music, to Arabic geometry, embroidery, to topographic contour markings.”

Check out some of these awesome works below.