Artist Creates Virtual Advent Calendar That’ll Brighten Your Day

We’re almost a couple of months into the new year, and we hope you’ve been following your Advent calendar closely. However, if you don’t have one this year, no worries, artist Steve Nelson has illustrated his own and shared it with his online community.

The Brighton, UK-based comedy writer and illustrator began his project on December 1st when he first posted a piece of his virtual Advent calendar. And each day, he has been publishing a new piece. As he explained, he wanted to do something fun and cheerful for his Instagram followers.

“Every day in December, you can swipe open the advent window to find a new, funny, festive illustration,” Nelson wrote in a post for Bored Panda. Currently, he has published 22 drawings.

He also creates other silly jokes and funny, colorful illustrations and has worked on his Audible comedy series called The Temp. Nelson also collaborated with brand names like Universal Music, So Young Magazine, Nature TV, and Atari Pilot.

He currently has over 3,000 followers on his Instagram page. Let us help him to reach more because his work is worth checking out!

We chose some of the funniest Advent calendar illustrations for you. Don’t forget to swipe to see what is hiding behind each number.