Artist Draws Portraits Using Color Pencils, And The Result Is The Same As Real Photographs

Image via heather12ooney/Instagram

Heather Rooney is an illustrator specializing in photorealistic drawings. Her works have a lot of intricate details that one can mistakenly recognize as real photographs. She uses colored pencils and graphite in her paintings and it takes many hours to finish one masterpiece alone.

The first portrait she drew was in her high school art class and after that, she became interested in the challenge of photorealistic art and the complexity it required. “The labor-intensive commitment to photorealism caused me to feel driven to continue improving my technique. In college, I spent a majority of my free time drawing portraits with colored pencil. Being in the age of growing social media platforms, I decided to share my lengthy process online through time-lapse videos,” Heather said on her website.

Today, the American artist has more than 1 million subscribers on YouTube and 300k Instagram followers. Check out her drawings that are so realistic they are difficult to distinguish from photos.

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