Artist From Cape Town Creates Amazing Art From Wool

Michaela Younge, a young artist from Cape Town creates amazing wool tableaux, sometimes combined with other materials with interesting textures. She doesn’t make just simple patterns or traceries as her artworks breathe with dreamlike narratives that reflect the way she sees the world. She started doing this only two years ago and she likes experimenting with wool fiber because it seems like the perfect medium for experimentation with certain ideas which couldn’t be expressed otherwise. Her art is created through the process of felting, which is an ancient skill rarely used in modern days.  

Her pieces are mostly some humorous scenes with a lot of nudity and absurdity and she says that is because she has vivid dreams that often play a part in her work. She is mostly attracted by ambiguous figures, those that come up in urban legends, myths or children stories. She thinks that we easily relate to human-like characters and enact social norms, instincts, and play.  

Recently, she exhibited her work in a group show, but she is aiming for a solo exhibition as well, where she could have full freedom to deal with topics that interest her the most.  

This is her amazing art, check it out!