Artist Hand Rolls Paper to Make Colorful Sculptures

    Image via hadieh_shafie/Instagram

    Brooklyn-based artist Hadieh Shafie makes sculptures from hand-dyed and rolled paper pieces. She explained how she does it in her artist statement:

    “On the surface, what the viewer sees are the fore-edges of miniature scrolls made of strips of paper. Using a limited color palette, each strip of paper is dyed with acrylic pigments, and then rolled by hand, one upon another, to create a multitude of color combinations for each emerging scroll. The rolling process places razor thin edges of color closely together, creating a space for the viewer’s eye to blend adjoining colors.”

    Shafie was born in Tehran, Iran. She says that her work is “a visual response to the emancipating effect of books and poetry”. See what Shafie does below.

    Watermill Benefit Auction 2017. To bid on this work follow the link in my bio it will take you to the Artsy bidding page. Saayeha 13 10.5" diameter x 3" depth Ink, acrylic and paper containing handwritten and printed Farsi text Eshgh "Love/Passion" . . The Annual Watermill Center Summer Benefit unites the worlds of art, performance, music, theatre, design, architecture and fashion. All funds raised support The Center’s year-round Artist Residency and Education Programs that provide a unique environment for young and emerging artists to explore and develop new work. . #watermillcenter #hadiehshafie #robertwilson #flyingintothesun #watermillcentersummerbenefit #contemporarywomanabstractionist #contemporary #woman #contemporaryabstractionist

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