Artist Lights Up Endangered Animals to Raise Awareness

Image via Julien Nonnon/Facebook

In his latest photography series called “Crying Animals,” French artist Julien Nonnon wants to convey a powerful message about the threats animals encounter in their natural habitat.

He wants to raise awareness of the possible extinction of endangered animals from the environment. His project is more than just lightening up these animals, it’s a cry for help to save them and showcase the natural beauty of our world.

Using a powerful projector, he brings to spotlight his frescoes on massive mountains and high places.

“I plan to project even more images of distinctive animals in other parts of the world. For instance: lions in the Moroccan Atlas, which disappeared in the 1950s, pumas in California, where their extinction has just been confirmed a few months ago, also Gorillas in the Great Lakes Region, where their vulnerability is now increased by conflicts in this region and deforestation.”