Artist Makes Dolls Look more Natural, See How She Does it

Snapchat filters, photoshop and facetune, are unattainable beauty standards. They make you think that natural beauty no longer exists. It is true that makeup and clothing items are a form or self-expression and art, but sometimes a natural look is needed. This standard of beauty also affects inanimate objects such as dolls as well.

Olga Kamenetskaya, an Austrian artist, is making a statement by removing makeup from the doll faces and making it look more natural. She also removes some features to make it more proportional. Olga believes that dolls are flawed like humans. She changes the features and transforms the face shapes while adding new wigs.

The artist believes that a doll face should not be perfectly symmetrical because it makes it lifeless. She purposely leaves a flaw that may not even be noticeable to everybody. However, this gives the dolls invisible charisma, and this flawed beauty is what she hopes to throw light on.