Artist Makes Paintings That Glow In the Dark and Show a New Story

Darkness has a mysterious power to show things that you can’t see in daylight. For example, you need the dark and almost total absence of light in order to see the stars and the Milky Way. One self-taught artist has found a way to present the power that darkness has by making paintings that glow in the dark.  

Cristoforo Scorpiniti is an Italian artist who devoted himself to art after he was fired from his previous job in the real estate industry. He discovered his passion for painting and started to add a little magic, creating artworks that have to be observed both during the day and during the night. Even though his paintings look amazing during the day, they don’t tell the whole story until you turn off the lights. That’s when you enter the world of magical landscapes and scenarios that take you to another world. By using colors that glow in the dark, he shows us that not everything is what it seems to be! 

Cristoforo is going by the name Crisco Art on Instagram and that’s where he displays all of his artwork, but he would love to have his own gallery someday.  Check out his work bellow!