Artist Makes Whimsical Flower Butterfly Dragons

Svetlana is an artist best known for her handmade jewelry and fairly-tale inspired creatures. She hides behind the pseudonym handmadehome and says that she spends most of her time in dreams. This time, the crafter made beautiful flower butterfly dragons inspired by the magical faerie world.

โ€œI paint their magical wings on satin fabric. Head and paws I sculpt from polymer clay. Also, I stitch, paint, create textures, patches and so on,โ€ the artist shared with Bored Panda.

However, the whimsical dragons arenโ€™t her only creations. Being motivated by nature, on her social media accounts she shares images of other fairytale-looking animal sculptures and she makes earrings, pendants, and head crowns using real flowers. Each art piece is customizable and unique; she doesnโ€™t make copies.

If you are curious to see her artwork, check out the gallery below, or have a look at her Instagram account where over 17,000 followers admire her talent.