Artist Mixes Famous Paintings and Contemporary Pop Culture

Mehmet Geren is a 28-year old artist from Ankara, Turkey, who has been working in advertising and fashion photography since 2006 and dealing with post-production and graphics.

His art, however, became viral thanks to his remarkable hobby. Mehmet uses the technique of digital collage photoshopping some of the most famous paintings and masterpieces of art. He combines ancient elements with the protagonists of film and objects of characters of contemporary pop culture.

For example, Van Gogh becomes a Gucci model, the Girl with a Pearl Earring replaces Uma Thurman in Kill Bill, and characters from iconic paintings are obsessed with likes on social media.

Nowadays, Mehmet has more than 65,000 admirers on Instagram and his audience is growing with each new post.

Check out his masterpieces below.