Artist Transforms Celebrity Dolls Into Realistic Pieces

Mass-produced dolls based on famous characters or celebrities don’t look like their real-life counterparts in most cases. This is why Spanish “doll face maker” Francisco Roldan decided to do something about it.

Roldan has been fascinated by dolls since a young age, but the poor quality of the products always bothered him. So, in 2015, he decided to see whether he could do better. He bought several low-budget dolls and reworked them to look more realistic.

His first projects proved to be a success, and he quickly realized he could do even better with practice. Roldan continued to hone his craft and quickly attracted attention on social media thanks to his well-executed reparations.

Before he knew it, Roldan was transforming dolls for collectors, who wanted their pieces to be more realistic. What started as a curiosity hobby turned into a full-time job that he enjoys.

“Collectors are usually shocked by the transformations of their dolls, they know my work beforehand, and they know for sure that they will get a piece to suit them,” said the artist in a recent interview.

You can see more of his pieces below.