Artist Uses Comics to Highlight Serious Issues

Art does not serve as a beautifier alone. It can also be a way to highlight some societal wrongs. Art gives the artist the avenue to express his thoughts, ideas, feelings and lots more. Art is also a medium of communication, as there are inaudible words that art communicates to its viewers.

As seen from the pictures below, made by “Milk DoNg Comics” as named on Instagram, he specializes in comics and has seized it as an opportunity to advocate against the unfair treatments meted out to animals by humans.

From his gallery, you can see how he presents serious societal issues in a light way by presenting them in the form of comics. As humans, some of our activities have not only affected us but also the animals around.

In this case, human activities, which have led to global warming has affected the aquatic life and the creatures living in its environs. Ice sheets are melting as a result of this, and the sea is getting warmer.

The artist found an amazing way to enlighten people about these problems.