Artist Works Exclusively on Illustrating Food

Tom Hovey’s food illustrations have received lots of screen time. The Welsh illustrator based in Bristol, has been The Great British Bake Off’s resident illustrator for ten years now, producing the show’s illustrated graphics.
“A ten-year freelance gig is unheard of, so I feel very lucky,” he admitted in an interview with Lecture in Progress. “It kickstarted my career, gave me a name in the industry and has made my style very recognizable.”

Now he works exclusively as a food illustrator, proving that finding an artistic niche has its benefits. “For a long time, I couldn’t see a way that I could ever be comfortable financially and be a full-time illustrator,” said Hovey. “So being able to support myself through drawing is something that I am grateful for everyday and try not to take for granted.”

“Most of my year is taken up with my main client, Love Productions and Channel 4 for whom I produce illustrated graphics for a number of programs under the Great British Bake Off umbrella,” he went on to say. “As well as Bake Off I work on The Great American Baking Show, Junior Bake Off and Stand Up 2 Cancer Bake Off. I also work on a select few jobs throughout the year, mainly food-related projects.”

You can also follow his tasty work on his Instagram page.

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