Artists Creates Awesome Bird Sculptures

Image via tcook_paintings/Instagram

Balloon animals are so fun to make and play with afterward, but Terry Cook really took the whole thing to another level.

This is what happens when an artist who has experience with sculpting, painting, and robot-making take some balloons and has a bit of fun time. The result is a wonderful sculpture which would easily trick you that it’s real.

The whole thing started when the artist took some balloons to make balloon animals for his niece to play with. But everything escalated as the artist found out that he is having fun at least as his niece while doing that. Soon afterward, the balloon making became his hobby and gave birth to many fantastic sculptures.

We can guess which animal is the artist’s favorite one as all the sculptures present various species of birds. These beautiful bird sculptures are made out of qua latex balloons which, allegedly degrades as quickly as an oak leaf.