Artist’s Creates Beautiful Artworks of Various Fashion Ads

Working with big names in the fashion industry such as Louis Vuitton and Dior, Spanish artist Ignasi Monreal rose to fame with his multidisciplinary work that combines painting with design, creative direction and even film.

“I started to paint very early on. I was just following my instinct,” Monreal told It’s Nice That in an interview. “I work in different media and each excites me in a different way. Oil painting is less controllable, and there is a certain charm of the unknown I enjoy very much.” Digital painting, on the other hand “has an amazing aspect of freedom.”

His most popular campaign to date was for renowned brand Gucci, creating art-like ads that are wonderful to look at. His first solo show called Plats Bruts, opened this year at La Fresh Gallery in Madrid. It features round paintings of Mediterranean food.