Australian Artist Makes Porcelain Sculptures that Blend with Nature

Australian-based artist, Sarah Rayner, makes delicate sculptures that mimic the natural world; carving seeds, pods, and twigs, out of porcelain. 100% handmade, her crafty works of art seem at first to be, in fact, part of her natural surroundings. But look closer…

Individually, her sculptures reveal hidden details, carefully made. But grouped together, they make for a unique landscape, that has a somewhat otherworldly feel to it.

Living in bushland and surrounded by flora, Rayner gets her inspiration from nature itself.

“Porcelain has its own historical and cultural references to drawing rooms, aristocracy, purity, and luxury,” she writes on her personal website. “The earthiness of plants, the interconnected eco system, decay, and the cycle of life are distilled and accentuated by the cool, clean porcelain forms with their delicate pleats and clefts.”

Check out some of her pieces below.