Beautiful Photos of Black Cats and Dogs Help Them Get Adopted

Photographer Emma O’Brien loves dogs and says she lives with a whole pack of them. She also likes to take beautiful portraits of animals and in one of her latest projects, she photographed black cats and dogs to help them get adopted.

“Black dogs and cats get a raw deal when it comes to being unwanted. Ending up at a shelter is bad news for any animal, but black critters are the least likely to be adopted and if they are lucky enough to be chosen by an adoptee, they will have waited the longest”, O’Brien wrote for Bored Panda.

Apparently, one of the reasons why black cats and dogs are the last on the list for adoption is that they don’t photograph well. O’Brien managed to disprove this by capturing their personality and character with all these amazing portraits.

Take a look at these photos that will hopefully help our lovely black friends find new home soon.