Belgian Dad Photoshops His Kids Into Dangerous Situations

Kenny Deuss, a dad from Belgium, is a person you don’t want to leave your kids with. Because if you do, they’ll end up in all sorts of dangerous situations. Or at least, he’ll make you think so—as he did with his girlfriend and mother of his children Tineke Vanobbergen.

After giving birth to their daughter Alix in 2019, Vanobbergen returned to work and left Deuss in charge of the child. Like every other new mom, Vanobbergen was curious about what her baby girl was doing and often asked Deuss for updates.

One time, Deuss decided to get creative with his response, photoshopping Alix to make her seem like she was in danger.

“At first, she reacted with confusion because she couldn’t comprehend what happened in the picture. But she quickly realized it was a joke,” Deuss shared with Today in a recent interview.

Soon, this became a sort of a ritual for the two, and Deuss started sending Vanobbergen edited photos on a weekly basis. When Alix’s sister Aster was born earlier this year, she also joined the fun.

At one point, Deuss became curious about how the public would react to his edits, so he started an Instagram account called On Adventure With Dad. The response was overwhelmingly positive, and his page reached an impressive number of 326K followers.

You can check out more of Alix and Aster’s adventures with dad below.