Betina Goldstein Will Inspire You to Freshen Up Your Manicure

Spring is the ideal time for a change of pace, especially when it comes to your wardrobe. With most of us adjusting this spring to a new normal, now is the perfect time to celebrate change, wholeheartedly. Our first stop: getting a manicure.

If you’re looking for nail art inspo this spring, we recommend following Betina Goldstein. A full-time editorial and campaign nail artist, Goldstein is known for her eye for detail, her manicures ranging from the minimal to the lavish, including rhinestone-embellished nails and negative space manis.

“I focus on designs that are more contemporary and they have intricate detail and dimension, but don’t necessarily overwhelm your nails,” she explained her aesthetic in an interview with Elle.

“It’s all about the placement of the nail art. It’s really minimal. At the same time, some of my nail designs are really out there: I’ll do chains on the nails—but with a sheer base.”

Having recently relocated from New York to Los Angeles, Goldstein has worked with celebrities as big as Bella Hadid, Zoë Kravitz, and Billie Eilish. Her inspiration comes from the fashion scene, but also from arts and crafts.

“I’m always going into craft stores and finding like random things around my house to put on my nails,” she admits. “One time I had this Chanel ribbon, and it was too beautiful to throw away so I just cut out each letter and then place them on my nails. I don’t know what the inspiration, I just see that object and I’m like, oh I could do something with this. That’s it!”

Not one to shy away from a good challenge, Goldstein actually strives for it. “I love designs that challenge me and really require a lot of tiny details and a lot of patience,” she notes. And while working on her nails doesn’t take long, recreating her art on other clients takes more time and patience.

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