Big Giants Rest on the Rooftops in Ella & Pitr’s Murals

Ella and Pitr are a couple of French artists who paint murals of sleeping giants on rooftops, streets, and building facades. Their murals can be best viewed from above which makes them even more interesting. Most of the time, they feature a limited color palette of red, white, and blue – the colors of the French flag.

Ella and Pitr’s murals often cover current political and social issues, but some of them don’t have any hidden meaning. During 2019, the artists and their volunteer helpers painted oversized murals in several countries around the world, such as Colombia, Croatia, Norway, Canada, etc.

When asked by Street Art United States what fact about them surprises people the most, Ella and Pitr replied, “That we are 49 & 51 years old [in 2016], so it proves that you can feel young and strong when you start getting old.” These guys are already grandparents! Scroll down to see their lovely murals.