Bratz Challenge is Trending, See the Best Pictures

For children, dolls are an important part of growing up. We had china dolls, barbies, and cabbage patch kids among others. They come with miniature clothes and brushable hair. One doll stood out among the rest: Bratz dolls.

Bratz dolls were the coolest dolls since they had sassier designs. They wore full-face makeup, had glossy pouts and were impossibly plump. They also wore stunning clothes.

Recently, users on Instagram and Reddit decided to recreate the sassy looks of the Bratz dolls. It came as a shock to everyone who has ever had the doll.

Initially, it started as a small trend on Reddit but went viral because of the level of creativity involved. Soon, users on Instagram stole the show, and it became a full-fledged trend. It was tagged ‘Bratz challenge’, and many makeup artists created unique looks matching different Bratz dolls.

See some pictures below: