California Couple Dresses Up Their Turtle in Adorable Matching Outfits

We’ve seen many people dress their cats and dogs in adorable outfits, but Kasey Kuchinski and Daniel Rodriguez are taking things to a whole new level. This couple from California enjoys rocking matching looks alongside their turtle Ethel.

Their Sulcata tortoise became a true hit on Instagram and attracted over 40,000 followers with her adorable photos. Most of them show her just chilling and enjoying her time, but the ones that her owners put the most effort into are their photos in matching outfits.

Kuchinski and Rodriguez discussed their viral pics with Bored Panda, and said they don’t find it unusual. Ethel is enjoying it as much as them, but they usually have to trick her into being in the picture with a tasty treat and they have to take photos fast before she loses interest.

“We only have her in the outfit for the photos so all in all, about 10 minutes every two weeks! It’s really no different than putting a jacket on a dog or shoes on a baby. No, it is certainly not necessary but dang, is it funny and cute!” explained Kuchinski.