Maud Vantours’ Paper Art Speaks In Color

Judging by her eye-popping Instagram presence, paper artist Maud Vantours clearly doesn’t shy away from color. Under her talented hands, flat, colorful pieces of paper turn into intricate sculptures and cut out illustrations – an image formed out of folds, layers, and patterns.

“What I like about paper is its flexibility,” said Vantours in an interview with Jung Katz. “I’ve worked with paper for a long time and there is always a new way to use it. It’s a material which offers many textures, aspects, and colors, and I like to mix all these possibilities.”

Her work includes some research beforehand, testing samples and shapes. “The inspiration can come from anything,” says Vantours, “an exhibition, a book, an advert. I try to vary my trend inspirations because I want to propose something new for every project, to try something I’ve never done. I do lots of research, samples and try more complicated shapes, new graphic designs, colors or materials to find new orientations.”

And while each project is unique in its own way, her creative process tends to stay the same. “I have four steps in my work process,” she notes. “The first one is to find the concept, an idea. Second, to create the graphic design. Third, choose the color matchings. Then the last step is the production in paper and volume.” The finished product can take anything from three days to three months to complete.