Meet the Ethical Brand That’s Actually Worth the Hype

Suzzan Atala fashion brand, Tuza, is known for its bright and brilliant designs that aims to add a humoristic touch to your wardrobe. Specializing in accessories, clothing, and bags, the Mexican City-based...

This Makeup Artist Uses Her Hijab to Complete Her Cosplay

Malaysian makeup artist Saraswati, otherwise known as queenofluna on Instagram, isn't the first to incorporate her hijab into her cosplay, and after going viral, she's certainly not going to be the last....

Upgrade Your Wardrobe With Fruit-Based Accessories

Layla Alter admits she's very childish at heart. “I’m very connected to my younger self,” she told Teen Vogue. Which makes sense, judging by her jewelry brand Alterita.

Wear Your Astrological Sign on Your Sleeve

Ever dreamed of combining your astrological sign with your fashionable attire? Now you can, with Scott Young's original T-Shirts and sweaters, exclusively sold on his online store.

Ellen Rutt’s Geometric Art Is a Pop of Color

It took quite a while for Ellen Rutt to work up the courage and commit to her passion - art. “I was struggling for a while right after college with anxiety and...

Jessica Washick Designs Both Nails and Sneakers with Equal Passion

Jessica Washick is one creative individual. Proving a knack for fashion, she mastered two very different careers, being both a nail artist and a sneaker designer.

Jeweler Makes Beautiful Copper Jewelry Inspired By Wildlife, Nature, and Native American Designs

Copper Reflections is a handmade jewelry company that makes jewelry inspired by the beauty of wildlife, nature, and Native American designs. The company's journey began in 1985 and since then the production...

Check Out Pip the Gentlemen, Who Began Modeling Right Before His 50th Birthday

Pip the Gentleman is a model who has been modeling for four years, however, his modeling career began just before his 50th birthday.

Meet the Indie Brand That Celebrates Pop Culture

The brand "Working Girls" started off as an art experiment. Created by artist and designer Shailah Maynard, it's a line of pool floats in the shape of body parts. This experiment proved...

We’re Smitten With Brannon Addison’s Flower Embroideries

Although Brannon Addison claims to have come from a long line of needleworkers, she picked up hand embroidery herself fairly recently, in 2014. “While sidelined with an ankle injury, I ordered supplies...