Characters From Iconic Paintings Attend Music Festivals

Image via mook1d/Instagram

Márton Neményi is a photojournalist from Hungary who created a fun series about characters from famous paintings attending music festivals today.

Using his Photoshop skills, he tries to re-imagine classic masterpieces such us Grant Wood’s American Gothic farmer couple and Leonardo da Vinci’s Mona Lisa, into modern festivities scenes.

He used the photos he took at this year’s Sziget Festival in Budapest to create his digital collages. “I imagined the bored Mona Lisa in front of the main stage, Eugène Delacroix’s Liberty doing some headbang, Ruben’s Andromeda getting in the mood, [and] the world’s most famous farmer couple listening to Arctic Monkeys,” he told My Modern Met. “The result is almost like fine-art. Fine-crazy-art.”

Each artistic combination is composed cleverly, blending each subject with the original photo’s natural lighting. These historical people were photographed hanging out with real-life crowds, watching music performances, and dancing to the music. Check out below.


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